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I’m Charlene,

I am a 33 year old single mother to 3 beautiful girls.

For a long time I was ashamed of my life, I spent years hiding who I was. Truth is I live with anxiety, recurring depression, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (Find Out More), chronic IBS, epilepsy, chronic migraines, sciatica, two slipped discs and Dyslexia. But who’s counting? It doesn’t end there either, I don’t think their is a form of abuse that hasn’t been inflicted upon me.

I say all this because even though I am in an amazing place in my life. It took nearly 25 years to get here and it is important to accept and learn from all of me not just the good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff! I am by education a KS 2/3 teacher with a specialism in IT. I have an entrepreneurship diploma, bookkeeping and business admin certificates and have also done Youth Leader Level 2. 

I am a self taught graphic designer and business branding specialist. If Brainstorming specialist was an actual title I would be that too. I love helping organisations, businesses and prospective businesses expand, so you could call me a business coach too. I volunteer where I can. Currently I volunteer for Home-Start Walsall, Mossley Big Local & The Allen Clang.

My hobbies are journaling, crystals, crafting, food, planning, spirituality, peace & quiet and occasionally going out dancing in no specific order.

My ultimate passion in life is seeing others progress and my life’s purpose is to teach what I have learnt; both education and life lessons. Volunteering is a great way to fill my cup and I enjoy every minute of it. But, in order to fill my cup and leave a legacy for my girls I created Big Dreams Clear Visions a year before it was transformed into the community interest company it is today.

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Dream for B.D.C.V

Big Dreams Clear Visions is my 4th child, If I was financially stable enough to run it full time I would do so without hesitation.

My Long Term Goals for B.D.C.V

Personal Business Vision

I created Char’s Visionary’s in 2017, it was the year my youngest started full time school, the year my disability benefits were taken away and also the year I found the beauty within myself (excuse the cheese). 

Having not worked in 5 years due to my health and raising my daughters I was about to be put on Jobseekers allowance. The thought of applying for jobs I would most like not get wasn’t the best feeling. 

So I brainstormed all my skills and started working on a plan. I needed something where I could be creative, flexible, inspiring, motivational, incorporate a little math, have a varied routine but most of all gave me the ability to work from a hospital bed. Just in case. Positive but realistic.

So, I create logos and other branding materials, create stickers, personalise clothes, stationary and gifts, offer business brainstorming, create event flyers, invitations, banners and table decorations and so much more.

My Vision for Char’s Visionary’s is to arrive at a place where the passive income is substantial enough for me to run B.D.C.V full time. I also want to create my own journals, write and publish my biography and blog more than I work. Allowing me to use my platform to help others

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  1. Barbi Reply

    The content is great;informative & honest without getting to deep and keeping that profession feel.You are an Amazing woman, your family friends and community are lucky to have u xx

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