Charlyne Nelson Executive Director BDCV Big Dreams Clear Visions

Founder Of L.O.V.E
(Limitless Outpouring Valuable Experiences)


My name is Charlyne Nelson, I am a single mother with a 16-year-old daughter and I have a passion to help and assist the upcoming generation.

At present I am a trainee counsellor and Empowerment coach. My journey took me to a place where I had no choice, but to deal with my own issues of the past, which were very, very painful and at times very difficult. The root cause to a lot of the difficulties was accepting the way things panned out and understanding that every experience I had faced from birth up until the point of reflection were for a greater purpose.

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in August 2013, I lost my job and I was slowly becoming a Victim to my MIND. 

I Prayed and asked GOD “what now?” and was lead to study my first counselling course at college.

Dream For B.D.C.V

The L.O.V.E vision is to work in partnership with B.D.C.V to become world renown organisation. To empower, provide paths to spiritual and mental growth, self-development, self-awareness to all communities excluding none and inclusive of all. By providing group sessions, vision board classes, journaling, Life coach and Talk therapy sessions, weekend/weekly Retreats also Motivational Speaking events positive daily affirmations. The biggest most desired vision from L.O.V.E for B.D.C.V is to work closely with both the Ghanaian and Jamaican governments for B.D.C.V and partners organisations to become recognised and facilitating within both countries – We shall be internationally known.

Personal Business Vision

Through meeting some wonderful people whilst on my counselling course, also on their own individual journeys, my confidence slowly grew. Tutors and fellow students, advised me to either become a teacher, a youth mentor or a spokesperson for those who do not have a voice or have a voice but do not know how to use it.

Soon after I am the founded “L.O.V.E (limitless Outpouring of Valuable Experiences)”. The ethos of my organisation is to provide help and support for families and young people. My aim is to empower and support those who have suffered at the hands of abuse or those that are faced with what looks like a forever downhill battle of mental illness issues. I want to have a positive impact towards gun and gang related issues. They have become increasingly worrying to myself and many people that I have spoken to. More so, given the latest rise in killings that have taken place in London since the beginning of the year.

I know that gun crime and gang on gang crime have been going on for many years. There are many root causes to criminal activities within the youths of today, such as; peer pressure, dysfunctional family issues, mental illness issue, lack of support and substance abuse related issues to name just a few…

The blame does not fall at the feet of any individual, but we as a society need to join forces to combat and address the issues that the younger generation face.

I am a mother, an aunty and cousin to many… My family is large and I have borne witness to some of the issues noted above in regards to the younger generation and I will not neglect to say that these issues have been going on before my time and generations before mine.

I aspire to use my organisation L.O.V.E and platform to tackle these issues. To follow my journey, show support or assist me with my aims please follow me on social media using the links are below.

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