The Team

Becoming a community interest company meant I had to share. It went from my not-for-profit to ours and contact me to contact us. I still find that hard sometimes.

Finding a team of directors to share my dream with was a difficult task and I am so happy to have Directors that are as talented, ambitious, supportive and just as excited for the future as I am.

“Do more, with more for I have become more”

Charlyne is a loving, kind hearted woman with aspirations to have her own counselling practice helping others work through anything that is holding them back from receiving the best in life. With motivation, qualifications, life experience and a spirit of pure light energy I am definitely happy to have her as part of the team.

The closest to me, you will definitely meet her soon, if you haven’t already.

Denikea McGhan Executive Director BDCV Big Dreams Clear Visions

Denikea McGhan

Denikea and I have been close for over 10 years and her growth makes me so proud. While she studies hard she has also started up on an incredible MLM journey, being the first in the UK to promote her product. Go follow her for more info. Life experience makes her an amazing motivational speaker and I can testify to everything she says. Dee is a the furthest away but you will see her all our big events

Paulette Allen Executive Director BDCV Big Dreams Clear Visions

Paulette Allen

Paulette is our business head who always knows what we need. She has single handed united over 4000 #Allen’s and organised 2 worldwide reunions and many other small events. She is also a networking #goddess

I am really passionate about improving emotional IQ. Everything I do is a step towards that.

My heart wants to help others even when I am crying out for help. I feel like I’m now in a position to “Do more, with more for I have become more” in a sense of healing to release. Creating space to help others do the same.

My purpose is to teach what I have learnt and this is what Big Dreams Clear Visions is all about. Even the Directors, I want them to learn from their position and take away knowledge to build their own businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

For the rest of the story you will have to come and see me

Join Us

Unlike Destiny’s Child there is always room for more!

If you have a skill that could benefit Big Dreams Clear Visions and would like to be considered for a Directors position please send us an email or come and visit.



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