U’R-EYES our very own pilot program for 11-16 year old Women In Training!

Theme – How do YOU view YOUrself through YOUr eyes?

Repeat: How do I view MYself through MY eyes?


We hold Mental Health & Well-being very close to our hearts. It is an issue faced all over the world without discrimination. It can affect anyone at any time & though we cannot help the world (yet!) we are here to make a difference!


Starting with the Mossley estate. Check out Mossley Matters here to find out more about their project. I am actually a resident and I am on the partnership board here. 

We would love to continue the program in other areas where U’R-EYES could be of benefit. We are asking anyone outside of Mossley interested to let us know so we can keep you updated.


The first round of U’R-EYES will begin after February half term. The dates are in term time to allow for fluidity. They will take place on a Friday evening allowing the girls time over the weekends to process and digest the mindset training techniques they have learnt in the session.


U’R-EYES pilot programs are being funded by Mossley Big Local. Charlyne from L.O.V.Eoflife18 as well as myself Charlene – Char’s Visionary’s will be delivering the sessions.


Within our FREE 6 week empowerment program as well as mindset we will be looking at future planning, T-shirt design and creation, career advice and goal setting through vision boards.

Starting with a wax sealed invitation, then with a red carpet presentation evening at the end of each 6 week block. We hope everyone feels like a celebrity & that they CAN be their OWN HEROINES!

Some will then become mentors to the next group 🥰

Everyone that attends will continue to receive support and guidance through Big Dreams Clear Visions after the program ends.


To find out more, get involved, get an invite to the presentation evening, refer someone from the estate, send gifts for the girls or just wish us happiness, success and 30 women in training who will become their own heroines please do get in touch 💜

Only 10 Spaces Per Group

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